Operating Manager (CEO) à West Hollywood (90069, Etats-Unis)

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Operating Manager (CEO) West HollywoodIly@10 est Operating Manager (CEO) dans le département 90069.

Son entreprise est créée. L'entreprise de Ily@10 est sous statut Autre Statut.

Ilyadis Media is an entity created to unite, then enhance talent via our media platform. Our Mission: To create, produce and broadcast media contents.

Son site Internet principal :

Biographie & Actualités

Operating Manager (CEO) West HollywoodWe do open a space for partnership through
our media platform to talented people from
anywhere in the world. There is a chance
for them to be part of the adventure with
our Business Sponsor Program. While you
are visiting our website, you can also
find out how to advertise with us.

Ilyadis Media will offer a wide range of opportunities,
expanding your horizons. You want to create your own media
business and be a part of a group? Whether you do or don't
want to do so, we can propose plans to fit you and your
talent. There are many ways to be affilated with us,
professional or amateur. You already have your own
business? You can work with us by becoming associated with
our company. You own a related or non-related media
website? We'll show you how to make it big with Ilyadis
Media. You don't own a website? We can create one for
you, with or without an affilated business.

Our upcoming projects: Getting our TV series "ESPERANZA"
produced for our future Online Web TV Network, THE FIRST
REAL ONLINE TELEVISION, available in 3D or 2D platforms as
well. I-VISION NETWORK is targeted to be launched in
a near future.

Prior this event, we plan to launch "Ily@digital-HD: Your
Media Store Online" that will provide morre opportunities
for entrepreneurs to become involved with us. An Online
Magazine is also expected to be launched soon. We will
target the entire media spectrum.

Get more details about our media concept by joining us on
our website and let's find out the way for us to work
together. Check our plans. There is always a solution for
you to be on the "GO" with Ilyadis Media.

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