Fabrice Piel

Graphic designer à Conflans sainte Honorine (78700, France)

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Graphic designer Conflans sainte HonorineFabrice Piel est Graphic designer dans le département Yvelines.

Son entreprise est créée. L'entreprise de Fabrice est sous statut EURL.

Son site Internet principal : http://htt://www.zeegg.net

Biographie & Actualités

Graphic designer Conflans sainte HonorineWHO I AM

I'm Fabrice Piel, french designer/image maker in the web design industry since the early days, 15 years ago.

I've been everywhere, from tiny agencies to world class game company Blizzard Entertainment. This gives me a pretty large range of knowledge and skills. I'm always pushing the limits further, time after time.


I've been all over the spectrum in my career, and because of that I'm open to a wide range of ventures.

From UI/UX and web design to GFX and illustration, from logotypes and print to motion design, I'm a creative in love with image making and all its secrets.

My weapons? Photoshop, Illustrator, 3DS, C4D, After Effects, Vegas pro. And pizza.

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